Kris Kahn

 Imagine an apple, like a pippin or a gala, that sphere-like shape with the top and bottom of the core pushed inwards, this is very much like the isotropic field shape of an antenna or a magnet. Now, picture yourself as this apple. At the center of your core, the seeds rest ready to germinate. These are our goals, our future, our visions, our purpose.

This tree is in an orchard, the roots inter-tangling and creating a communication network with other trees and plants. The apple, you, can reach out through this network and sense anything around on any tree. There is another network still, the earth itself, that connects every orchard, garden, forest. As part of this entire ecosystem, there are signals, wavelengths, vibrations and more within your connected capability to reach out, to reach through.
Why would the seed of an apple of a tree of a garden of a planet need to grasp this? How does it help to recognize our connection to unlimited resources? This is your life. You are everything that this great interconnected world aspires to produce. It beckons you to develop and sprout your seed, your unique and magnificent vision, or idea, or relationship. All that you are connected to holds you in the highest regard, waiting to breath life forward through you.

The tree we are attached to is the sacred tree of life, with roots that stretch down deep into the ground into a historical treasure trove of the past that feeds us. This is also where we anchor onto our stories and our experiences, all that has helped us learn to survive until now. We have an opportunity. To consciously be. To be conscious. To choose the nutrients that nourish our seeds. To shape our future, not just by the lessons of the past, but by the future experiences we can fathom. That is the shift of free will. Willful freedom. The tree supports us, our future encourages us, our past relinquishes us. Any choice is possible in the present and it will have irrevocable ripples. The more we follow the decision path to get to the destination of our choice, we are attracting that reality to us. We do this by thinking and feeling that into the now. That’s how the serendipity of the universal mechanics miraculously loves entraining to our vibrational frequency of the seed we are nurturing.

- Kris Kahn

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